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Hi There!


Let us begin by introducing ourselves.

Our names are Juan Pallicer Saballs and David John Thompson and together we are the directors of LMFX.

We have been working in this industry for over 30 years creating beautiful homes and businesses in the UK and worldwide designed to excel expectations, producing high end exclusive finishes.


LMFX was born out of desire to source a liquidmetal that was a true waterbased mono component binder which could be applied to a host of substrates.

We travelled the world to find such a product and upon coming to the realisation that it didn’t exist and out of building frustration led us to work in collaboration with our chemist and ex applicator of 50years to create the product we were looking for LMFX


LMFX™ offers an extensive range of texture and the magic of mixing different metals to create bespoke finishes and customized services
We supply support and training to all distributors and partners 
To find more information just contact us!

Is it paint?

No. We developed a liquid metal with more than 90% pure metal on most of the finishes 


With the 80% to 90 % pure metal behaviour it is like natural metal and will last around the same
amount of time as normal metal and is waterproof.

Where can it be used?


  • Interior and exterior 

  • Commercial and private property 

  • Furniture 

  • Walls and floors 

  • With proper preparation, it can be used on:

  • Plaster 

  • Timber/wood 

  • Tiles 

  • Hardy Board

  • Concrete 

  • Venetian stucco 

  • Marmorino 

  • Microcement 

  • Fiberglass 

  • Paper

  • Metal 

  • Acrylic 

  • Cement render 

  • Stone 

  • Glass 

  • Foam 

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